• Chiris Gudenzi

Travels in Mexico: Oaxaca

Oaxaca is commonly referred to as the food capitol of Mexico. Surrounded by hills and the ancient ruin of Monte Alban which sits atop them looking down, pyramids 1,500 year old , on a pueblo bustling with international and Mexican travelers alike.

Charmed I was with the colonial architecture, basilicas, courtyards, cafes, museums, cobbled streets and sidewalks, often in the green cantera stone, which when wet from a shower seems to adorn the village as a shining crown, befitting of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I asked about the kitchens, the mayoras who pass down traditions, the seven moles, the chapulines (grasshoppers), the escamol (ant larvae) and what is named the gold of Oaxaca, Mezcal.

To follow are some answers and revelations.

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