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SEATTLE, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- World renowned Master Chocolatier Karen Neugebauer, owner of Forte Chocolates,, announced that she is planning on going bean-to-bar with a Kickstarter, aimed at gravitating the company towards Craft Chocolates. Some of the pledges offer rare opportunities such as personally working beside a world master, a video chat with a cacao farmer, or having an entire 500+ batch of bars featuring their name/message on it.
Traveling the cacao growing regions of South America, Neugebauer personally met with farmers and was inspired to highlight the remarkable flavor of fine flavored cacao. She has brought to life these flavors with Forte's craft chocolate line, Volta. Due to the growing demand, Forte is now ready for larger equipment, including a 70 lb. melanger, a winnower/cracker, and an oven to produce this amazing chocolate in-house on a larger scale. By making their own chocolate, they are able increase quality and build a more direct and transparent supply chain.
Craft chocolate is a style of production that focuses on making chocolate directly from the bean in small artisan-sized batches. This allows for greater diversity and intensity of flavors to be created. Forte's Kickstarter promotes consumer involvement and excitement with pledges that allow chocolate lovers to get in on the ground level and support the creation of an invigorating new craft chocolate bar line. Pledges offer a range of involvement varying from receiving single bars to going all in, having supporters design custom batches of craft chocolate in the new machines.
Neugebauer remarks, "Thank you for joining us in our mission to Celebrate Life through Chocolate! We would love for you to taste a bar from your favorite region or several from all over the world and see just how amazing craft chocolate can be!"
Chef Karen is a true master in her field and is one of the top ten chocolatiers in the world. Her goal is to celebrate life through chocolate, and invites Kickstarter supporters to do the same!
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