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Cultures & Traditions


Hong Kong


This will be the first in a series

of video installments which

will publish  starting in the

Fall of 2018.

Asia Journeys Pt. 1

Coming this Fall 2018

FoodFair Travel


For any questions including flexi-price details please contact Chris Gudenzi, Editor and Publisher directly:
Presenting a unique
Sponsorship Opportunity
FoodFair Magazine/TV is seeking regional sponsors for our upcoming travel video
and print series entitled:
FoodFair Travels: Asia Nomad
in the
Airline Category
a. Video Review of airline usage. Receive a
review with a 4K steadycam to include interior cabin, meals, cabin crew and ground crew.
Professionally post-edited of course.
2 - 4 minutes
b. Chef interview:
in depth interview with your Head Chef.
5 -10 minutes (if available)
c. Still Photography throughout process for  print magazine and to accompany
dedicated web page and support video interstitials.
How Promoted
e. Logo / information / links placement in
start and end of video credits.
f. Quarter page print and digital magazine     ad placement. 
g. Produced materials publish in print and digital platforms. Video runs in digital magazine.
h. Promoted through social media. (see below)
i. Website dedicated page for Hotel/Resort on
Official Publication

We also cover a selected hotel/resort and of course take guided tours of traditional cultural points of interest.



Print  and Digital Distribution:

United States Restaurants:10,125 Print

Digital Ditribution: 55,349 email subscribers

LinkedIn, 5,000+ Chefs and

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Facebook: 1,923

Twitter: 1,228

YouTube Audience over 5 years:

500,000 est. minimum.

This is not a mass market consumer

audience, though one is anticipated to develop.

It is currently a professional, business audience

that is comprised of accomplished Chefs, Restaurateurs, Hotel Managers and successful Entrepreneurs. A powerful demographic your

brand should be associated with.

From the roadside stalls to the most upscale restaurants, each region provides an unlimited variety of food and dining in every class.

Complex combinations and international gourmet expertise have given Hong Kong the reputable labels of "Gourmet Paradise" and "World's Fair of Food".

Japan speaks for itself with fresh ingredients and an impeccable attention to detail which is one reason it has garnered more Michelin Stars than the US, UK and France combined!

From Pho to Fresh Spring Rolls to Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork, Vietnamese cuisine has been heralded as the healthiest in the world!



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