2019 Media Marketing Proposal for

Alpine Eco Trek

Mr. Ram Kumar Adhikari


Food Fair Magazine

& Foodservice Daily News


Dear Mr. Adhikari,

As I mentioned in my email,

Food Fair magazine is read by a vibrant US and International audience of business owners, chefs, managers and many others working in upper management in the hospitality trade.

We are currently adding lifestyle content to the magazine. So this means that we will not just have informative business coverage but also editorial and advertising on what we think are great down time options for successful, hard working hospitality professionals.

I have kept this pretty simple and is a fast read. As such I am sure you will have questions.

I am here to answer them!

Kind regards,


AHTT is to receive editorial coverage which includes a double page spread with text, photos and video.
Receive a HALF page ad to run in all 4 issues of Food Fair Magazine in 2019.
The ad size resembles the Signature Room ad below.

Half Page  Ad

22.86cm wide by 16.51cm tall

full color, gloss paper, heavy stock

Full Page size is

22.86cm wide  x33.02cm tall


The space for your ad will be in a section obviously devoted to adventure travel!

4x per year
All issues are digital
2 Issues are printed for mailing direct to restaurants.
Print:: 13,343 US Restaurants
Digital: 55,490 USA & International.
National Restaurant Show: 5,000 from our show exhibit.
LinkedIn: 10,100 Food Fair network members clustered in the US, Europe, UAE, India, Sri Lanka and Australia.
Price: $7,800  ($1,950 x 4 magazine issues / 1 Year)
The Trade
Alpine Eco Trek provides complimentary trekking services for the amount of $5,000 reducing the Food Fair program cost to $2,800 only. There are no other fees and we produce everything inclusive of price.
Please keep in mind that this travel experience is covered as part of the editorial mentioned above with a FULL page containing words, images and video created by Food Fair as experienced on the journey.

Beginning in 2019 the publication is adding a lifestyle section which will cover travel, 

adventure travel. safari travel and

of course food travel. We know our readers and know something like a Nepalese adventure will be very popular, particularly for business team building programs in larger chain restaurant operations which read Food Fair on a regular basis.

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"Thank you for your time in reviewing this opportunity. I look forward to hopefully working with you in the near future to help you increase your business with Food Fair Magazine, the business & lifestyle magazine for the Foodservice Professional."
Christopher Gudenzi
Publisher & Founder
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