From California, we are b2b food, equipment, tech, mover profiles, travel and connecting with friends passionate about food and its evolution in our lives, both commercially and at home; both locally and internationally.
Food Fair Magazine began publishing as an independent show daily at NRA in 2005. In 2015 the name was changed from Foodservice Daily News to Food Fair Magazine, mainly to avoid confusion with other titles with similar names.
In the process of keeping our readers happy, we are publishing quarterly starting in 2020. 
There is one print issue for distribution at the NRA show in Chicago and the remainder issues are all digital.
We believe in promoting sustainability, conservation and a carbon neutral world as quickly as possible. 
As the magazine grows, we'd love to hear from you. Perhaps you would like to contribute! Just drop a note info@foodfairmag.com.
Best Culinary Wishes,
For a marketing discussion, please send an email to media@foodfairmag.com 
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